Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I’m not Scottish or Irish. Can I still have bagpipes at my wedding?

Absolutely! You want your wedding to be uniquely your own. Your gown, flowers, everything you’ve planned is for your one of a kind wedding. Hearing bagpipes when they’re not expected would really make a statement don’t you think?

2.  I don’t know anything about bagpipe music. Are there special songs or songs that don’t work out?

This is a tough one. Without getting too technical, bagpipers have a few limitations. Bagpipers can only play 9 notes, and bagpipes are in their own weird key. Some Western music can be arranged for bagpipes but it might not sound the way you hear it in your head. For example: “The Wedding March” can be played on bagpipes but it sounds a bit odd. In your head you hear trumpets or an organ; it’s not the same at all.  Your best bet is to stick with music written for the bagpipes, but I’m here to serve. I’ve posted some tunes I play often for weddings under “tune samples”.

3.  Our wedding’s going to be outside, will we need any special arrangements for bagpipes?


When temperatures drop to about 40 degrees some terrible things can happen. Reeds can freeze and drones can crack, leading to costly repairs. Most bagpipers don’t like risking their instruments outside in the cold.

4.  Those things are loud, right?

Yes they’re loud!  The Great Highland Bagpipes are meant to be played outdoors. That makes them the perfect instrument for weddings in Colorado’s mountains. In an enclosed space, the music is felt as well as heard.

5.  Can you arrange for more than one bagpiper or do you only work alone?

We can make arrangements for an entire band if you’d like. Bagpipers, drummers and even Highland or Irish dancers can really spark up a party.

6.  Do you require a contract?

Contracts have become necessary for just about everything these days. I don’t have a cookie cutter one size fits all contract. We’ll put one together as team so we avoid any problems. Contracts are written so everyone involved with an event has an understanding of what to expect. After a contract is signed, and a retainer fee is paid, that date goes off the calendar for any future bride.

7.  What’s the best way contact you?

My contact page is great initially. I do like to actually talk on the phone or face-to-face to hammer out details. It also gives you a chance to judge if we can work together.

8.   Do you take special requests?

I’ve been playing for long time and chances are I know the tune you want. If I don’t I can memorize a special tune for you given enough lead time . That “memorize” part is key.  The more time I have the better.

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